Grupo Calvo. Manufacturing Process.

Manufacturing Processes

Our product manufacturing process is carried out in accordance with parameters of quality, efficiency and continuous improvement in order for us to be able to offer the market products with the highest guarantees and the lowest possible impact on our environment. We have three processing and production plants: one in Spain, located in Carballo, one in Brazil, in Itajaí, and another in La Unión, El Salvador. Through these facilities, prepared products are distributed for commercialisation around the globe.

Spain (Carballo, A Coruña)

Calvo Group. Factory of Carballo.

The factory operating today in Carballo was inaugurated in 1976 to replace the Calvo Group’s first facility created in 1940. The Carballo facility is where the fish and seafood canning process takes place, including tuna and molluscs.

With an average employee headcount of 275, the plant’s maximum production capacity amounts to 50,000 tonnes of tuna per annum, around 230 tonnes per day, 2,000 tonnes of mussels per year and 1,000 tons of calamari per annum. Amongst others, Calvo and Nostromo brand products are prepared here for distribution in European markets.

The Carballo facility is the Calvo Group’s main headquarters and has R&D+i and Quality and Environment departments, amongst others, in addition to a proprietary packing plant and adjoining logistics warehouses. The Carballo factory holds BRC and IFS Quality Food and Food Safety certification.

Carretera Coruña-Finisterre, km 34,5. 15106 Carballo. A Coruña, España.
Tel. +34 981704040

Brazil (Itajaí)

In Itajaí, located in southern Brazil, the Calvo Group has a tuna, sardine and salmon canning factory that began operating in 1954. Here, Gomes da Costa brand products are prepared for distribution mainly throughout Brazil and in other Latin American countries. The plant has a daily production capacity of 33,200 tins of sardines and 28,400 tins of tuna or salmon, which amounts to annual production of 50,576 tonnes of sardines and 29,232 tonnes of tuna or salmon.

The factory holds ISO 9001 and APPCC food safety system certification. More than 1,800 employees work at this facility.

The company has a tin manufacturing plant in a different location of the Itajaí area thar holds both ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 certifications.

GDC Alimentos S/A: Eugênio Pezzini 500. Bairro Cordeiros • CEP 88311.000. Itajai Santa Catarina. Tel. +55 47 33 412600

GDC Embalagens Ltda: Av Presidente Castelo Branco, 640, Salseiros – 88311-470. Itajai Santa Catarina. Tel. +55 47 32 418800

El Salvador (La Unión)

Grupo Calvo. Fábrica de La Unión. El Salvador.

The factory operating in La Unión, El Salvador was inaugurated in 2003 for the purpose of processing fish catches from our vessels in order to prepare deep-frozen boneless tuna fillets and fish meal. Canned tuna products are also manufactured here since 2006.

This facility has a total area of over 86,000 square metres and processes 150 tonnes of frozen fish per day to produce 70 tonnes of tinned fish and 65 tonnes of deep-frozen fillets each day. With an employee headcount of 1,500, the La Unión factory is dedicated to preparing our Calvo, Gomes da Costa and Nostromo brand products and supplies markets in Central America and the Caribbean, Colombia, the United States and Europe.

The factory holds the following types of certification: BRC Food and IFS Quality Food and Food Safety, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, OSHAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety, SA8000 Social Responsibility, the Dolphin Safe responsible fishing label, HACCP critical process point control and WalMart’s responsible production-focused WRAP, in addition to meeting Halal and Kosher certification standards.

Calle a Playitas Complejo Pesquero CORSAIN, Punta Gorda. Departamento de La Unión, El Salvador C.A. La Unión. El Salvador. Tel. + 503 2678 47 00

Our Production Process

The Calvo Group integrates the entire value chain into its processes. From fishing activities that ensure the supply of quality raw material to commercialisation in over 70 countries around the world, including preparation, tin manufacturing, distribution and investment in R&D+i.

This video provides an overview of the main components of the complete Calvo Group production process.