Calvo Group. Supply of raw materialCalvo Group. Supply of raw material


The Calvo Group believes in raw material that enables the company to guarantee a product of the highest quality for our consumers, in addition to ensuring supply sustainability.

This pursuit involves joint effort by our Quality, Procurement and Corporate Social Responsibility Departments, as well as the Group’s fleet. It means integrated work that revolves at all times around continuous improvement and in making sure that our products meet consumer needs.


The main raw materials used by Grupo Calvo are tuna (yellowfin, skipjack and bigeye), sardines, mussels, oil (sunflower and olive), cephalopods (squid) and vegetables (carrots, heart of palm, asparagus or Mushrooms, among others). All of them are based on a healthy and balanced diet. Through strict quality controls, we select those raw materials that allow us to bring the best products to the tables of millions of homes.

Our Fleet

La Flota del Grupo Calvo

Tuna is one the most important raw materials for Grupo Calvo. Part of the tuna we sell comes from our own fleet, which enables us not only to ensure supply, but to gain deeper market knowledge and play an active role in promoting fishing sustainability.

We’re convinced that tropical tuna fishing can be fully sustainable. Tuna sustainability is a broad concept that includes targeted fishing species, as well as marine ecosystem health. Assuring healthy marine ecosystem conditions requires that everyone involved in the fishing industry and fishing processes engage in demanding responsible fishing practices. (Further information on the fishing sustainability of our fleet can be found in the section titled Responsible Management