Calvo Group. Responsible ProcurementCalvo Group. Responsible Procurement

Responsible Procurement

Working to ensure a responsible supply materialises Grupo Calvo’s effort devoted to achieving greater cohesiveness among its different sustainability policies and commitments, improving global competitiveness and spearheading new guidelines for the company’s relationship with its supply chain.


Grupo Calvo. Code of Conduct for Supply Chain

Grupo Calvo’s Responsible Supply System enables the company to manage the most significant risks associated with the supply chain and extend the company’s commitment to responsible management for application by all of its suppliers.

The key element of the system is Grupo Calvo’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers, which sets forth the minimum standards of ethical and responsible business conduct which all suppliers of products and services must undertake as their own in carrying out their professional activity. The aforementioned Code is based on Version 1/2014 of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) Code of Conduct designed by Amfori. This code must be signed by all Grupo Calvo suppliers.

Additionally, evaluation of our providers is conducted on an annual basis to determine the risk of failure to comply with the code and, depending on the results, to devise independent external audits to verify compliance with the Code and the BSCI principles.

Implementation of the system created in 2017 will be completed in December 2017 and the first external supplier audits will begin to be performed starting in 2018.


Grupo Calvo, a member of Amfori

In December 2016, Grupo Calvo took another step forward in managing and monitoring its providers as a form of assurance of a responsible supply chain by joining Amfori, former Foreign Trade Association (FTA), a leading business association representing the international trade community which promotes sustainable supply chains.

We are the first company in the food canning sector to sign up to the Amfori and the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). Collaboration with the Amfori boosts our capacity to monitor and partner with our suppliers in upholding business responsibility standards based on respect for human rights and compliance with our Code of Conduct.

Tuna supply

Grupo Calvo. Responsible procurement of tuna

Tuna is the raw material of greatest importance to Grupo Calvo. Management thereof must be conducted under the most stringent conditions of legality, safety and responsibility, with the capacity to ensure product quality, traceability and compliance with all commitments undertaken in connection with both the commercial transaction of goods and extractive activity.
Grupo Calvo therefore revised general contracting conditions of this raw material for suppliers and customers in 2018. These conditions are available for consultation through the following links:


The Calvo Group holds the following responsible procurement certifications:

Grupo Calvo Responsible Procurement Certifications