Calvo Group. Measurement for Improvement


Measuring and reporting on company performance in every area associated with the responsible management of our business is essential to achieving the Calvo Group’s efficiency- and responsibility-related objectives.

Anual Report 2017

In keeping with the commitment undertaken in 2016 to annual publication of a document that describes the company’s performance and the main impacts associated with its operations, Grupo Calvo hereby presents its Annual Report 2017. This document was prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) international benchmarking framework and provides an overview of key highlights in all areas of company activity in every territory where Grupo Calvo conducts its business (Spain, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador).

You can read the report here or look up past reports:

Responsible Management Scorecard

The Calvo Group has devised a Responsible Management scorecard that covers a selection of the 20 most relevant CSR-related indicators. Categorised into areas, these indicators will be monitored continually by the Steering Committee and medium-term compliance targets will be drawn up. Follow-up and progress with respect to fulfillment of these objectives will be published on this website.

Grupo Calvo. Responsible Management Scorecard.