Grupo Calvo. Care about People.


People drive Grupo Calvo. Our people are the ones who have made Calvo what it is today and they make it possible for the company to reach all of the goals it sets. Long-term commitment and relationships define Grupo Calvo’s rapport with its collaborators, which materialises through training, striking balances and development. We work day after day to make this company a better place to work.

At present, Grupo Calvo has over 5,100 direct collaborators via the company’s vessels, factories and office facilities in Spain, El Salvador, Brazil, Costa Rica, Italy, Argentina and the United States.

Human leadership, a strategic priority

We know that human resource management is a key area in ensuring this quality and, as a result, business sustainability over time. The company strives to maintain a good working atmosphere in order to boost employee motivation and involvement.

The Calvo Group Strategic Plan recognises human leadership as one of its three strategic cornerstones and a fundamental source of leverage for accomplishing the company’s overall objectives.

Grupo Calvo’s plant operating in Spain has obtained the highest BSCI score

Grupo Calvo Spain. Highest BSCI Score

In 2018, the company’s Carballo (Galicia) plant was audited by a BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative)-approved independent third party to verify compliance with the principles underlying this initiative. The plant received the highest score, an A rating.

BSCI principles are connected with respect for human rights, assurance of safe and dignified working conditions, business ethics, supply chain monitoring and environmental protection.

This acknowledgement is the fruit of the efforts of all Carballo plant collaborators, and their professionalism and commitment to continuous improvement and responsibility.

The BSCI is an initiative of

Amfori, formerly referred to as the FTA (Foreign Trade Association), a European and international trade organisation which represents and champions the value of open and sustainable trade.

SA8000 El Salvador

Since 2014, Grupo Calvo certifies its factory in El Salvador on an annual basis by meeting the requirements of the SA8000 Standard, the most widely recognised international set of norms for the protection of human and labour rights. Grupo Calvo thereby became the first company in El Salvador to obtain this certification and the third tuna provider worldwide, reaffirming the commitment the company has demonstrated since it began operating here to providing its workers with labour conditions that surpass minimum requirements.



Through an independent third party (DNV.GL), in 2015 Grupo Calvo voluntarily verified compliance of all company vessels with Convention 188 of the International Labour Organisation concerning Work in Fishing. Although this convention has yet to become law due to the fact that it has not been ratified by a sufficient number of countries, as part of its commitment to upholding human and labour rights, Grupo Calvo made the decision to undergo independent verification and pledged to do so every two years. External verification was duly conducted in April 2017, once again through DNV.GL, and rendered a conclusion of full assurance of compliance.


The Calvo Group holds the following people certifications:

Grupo Calvo. People Certifications.