Grupo Calvo se adhiere al Código de Buenas Prácticas Mercantiles en la Contratación Alimentaria

The Calvo Group signs up to the Code of Good Commercial Practices for the Food Trade

El grupo internacional de alimentación Calvo se ha adherido al Código de Buenas Prácticas Mercantiles en la Contratación Alimentaria con el objetivo de reforzar su compromiso con las buenas prácticas comerciales en todas sus actividades.
José Luis Calvo, finalista del Premio Emprendedor del Año 2016 de EY

José Luis Calvo, finalist at the 2016 EY Awards

José Luis Calvo Pumpido, Honorary President of the Calvo Group, has been named a finalist in the 21st edition of EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2016. In attendance at the event held in Madrid at the Hotel Ritz was Pablo Casado, Vice-Secretary of Communications of the People’s Party.
Logotipo Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo

The Calvo Group promotes local supplier development in Latin America

The Calvo Group joins the Inter-American Development Bank’s Made in the Americas programme. Calvo will thereby expand its base of potential local providers for its supply chain
Grupo Calvo, socio del Pacto Mundial de Naciones Unidas

Calvo Group joins United Nations Global Compact

Calvo will integrate the ten Global Compact principles into company strategy and activities and promote Sustainability Development Goals.
Grupo Calvo y Consorcio renuevan su acuerdo de distribución en Italia hasta 2020

Calvo Group and Consorcio renew their distribution agreement in Italy until 2020

The two companies reinforce the commercial alliance initiated in 2014 for exclusive distribution of Consorcio products in the Italian market. The Calvo Group’s marketing capability as a producer and distributor of healthy food products in America and Europe makes the company a strategic partner of other companies in their expansion into new international markets.
Grupo Calvo aumentó sus ventas un 3% hasta los 787 millones de euros

Calvo Group increased sales by 3% to total 787 million euros

The company obtained operating profit (EBITDA) totalling €49.4 M and maintains a net financial debt ratio of 2.47. Exceeding 104,000 tons, the group increased total finished product sales volume by 1.6% while Calvo’s workforce grew by 6 % worldwide.

Ángel León, “chef of the sea”, and Calvo Group embark upon journey together

This collaborative endeavour will enable the company to reinforce its strategy for innovation and differentiation by promoting the quality of its products and, through them, bring high gastronomy closer to consumers. Ángel León had the opportunity to learn about Calvo processes linked to innovation, sustainability and quality through which he hopes to carry out exciting collaborative projects.
Calvo Excellence System en la planta de Carballo

Calvo Excellence System in Carballo

The Calvo Group unveils a production excellence system for its main plant in Spain, an industrial management model whose aim is the pursuit of operational excellence. Investment will total around 25 million euros over the next four years.
Grupo Calvo se incorpora a Forética

Grupo Calvo joins Foretica

As part of its commitment to ethical and responsible management of company operations Calvo Group joins Forética.