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Grupo Calvo InnovationGrupo Calvo Innovation

Product Enhancement and Development

Consumers demand innovation, and food companies are aware of the importance of investing in R&D&I as a lever of growth and differentiation. Innovation is a constant presence in the pursuit of new products and formats at Grupo Calvo. Proof of this can be found in the fact that the company has been a pioneer in introducing formats that have become industry standards, such as the round can and the three-can pack.

Grupo Calvo also makes the most of the versatility of its raw materials, products from the sea, to develop canned food lines which either incorporate new ingredients such as vegetables and legumes or provide “extra” healthy alternatives featuring low-fat or low-sodium products, including the following:



Calvo Low Sodium Tuna

Low-sodium tuna, which opened up a new product category in a highly mature market segment.

Calvo Light Tuna

Light tuna, the first light tuna with 50% less fat (fewer than 100 Kcal per can).

Calvo Supernatural Tuna

Supernatural, the first natural light tuna packed in just the right amount of water.

Calvo Ecolinea Salads

ECO Salads, the first salads to be made with 100% organic ingredients and MSC-certified tuna.

Nostromo Linea Tuna

Nostromo Linea tuna, tuna with 30% less fat with respect to the classic Nostromo version.