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Innovation is part of Calvo’s DNA and is the key to gaining a competitive advantage in products and processes and in achieving our customers’ satisfaction, by adapting to their needs and exceeding their expectations, whilst at the same time strengthening our brand image as a reference point for quality and healthy food.

Our commitment to innovation and new technology in each and every period of our history as a company and each and every market in which we have operated has enabled us to become the leading canned seafood-dedicated group. More than once, our innovations have led the way for the industry, such as when we developed the first packaging machine in Europe, or when we introduced light tuna in Spain.

Cornerstones of Innovation

Grupo Calvo. Cornerstones of Innovation

Innovation at Grupo Calvo revolves around three essential pillars:

Grupo Calvo. Product Enhancement and Development


Grupo Calvo. Process Improvement and Development


Grupo Calvo. Improvements in Business Management


Developed and patented by the Marexi marine technology company and the Calvo Group, this system was devised to detect tuna species. It features a series of artificial vision elements and complex algorithmic analyses that help to facilitate onboard identification of different tune species (yellowfin, bigeye and striped), determine exact number and estimate their weight.

This system will provide rigorous real-time intelligence on the captures made by a vessel, enabling the information to be reported to authorities. This information is also extremely important from a scientific standpoint because it helps to minimise errors when estimating sizes and species (even making it easier to differentiate between young yellowfin and bigeye species, which are very difficult to distinguish at a glance), in addition to providing capture-related spatial and temporal data in real time.

The system will also enable shipowners to ascertain the exact value of the load they are carrying on board, and can potentially facilitate tuna classification into various holds, thereby saving time during unloading operations.


As a product of Calvo’s concern for the sustainability of marine ecosystems, the company developed the Calvoshark project. This involves a patented device designed between the Marexi marine technology company and the Calvo Group with the aim of attracting the attention of sharks and luring them away from the fishing grounds to thereby avoid accidentally capturing them.

Stimuli that attract sharks in their natural environment are used to do this and include electromagnetic pulses and acoustic generators; optical generators: concentrated compounds that stimulate taste and smell in sharks; and generators employing low-frequency vibrations, which simulate the movements of wounded fish.