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Calvo Group. Working for sustainability.Calvo Group. Working for sustainability.


Grupo Calvo. Independent Scientific Observers

The Grupo Calvo fleet has 100% independent scientific observer coverage of all company vessels, including support ships.

Grupo Calvo collaborates with OPAGAC (Organización de Productores Asociados de Grandes Atuneros Congeladores), an organization of frozen tuna producers dedicated to watching over compliance with good fishing practices. In conjunction with the other OPAGAC members, in 2012 Grupo Calvo signed the Code of Good Purse Seine Fishing Practices, containing measures for minimising fishing impact and which is reviewed annually in order to incorporate best practices.

The agreement on Good Practices stipulates the obligatory nature, from 1 January 2015 on, of 100% scientific observer coverage (physical or electronic, maintaining a minimum of 10% physical observer coverage annually) on tuna fishing vessels and, beginning on 1 January 2017, aboard support ships as well. In Grupo Calvo’s case, the presence of these observers is always physical.

This measure converges with WCPFC and IATTC requirements and extends ICCAT (10%) and IOTC (5%). The catch-related information gathered by the onboard observer facilitates the following:

  • Verification of compliance with good practices.
  • Assurance that fishing activities are conducted in accordance with laws and regulations pertaining to each ocean.
  • Collection of highly valuable scientific data.

All of this information is verified by independent scientific organisations dedicated to good practices (AZTI) and which issue the corresponding report on our fleet’s compliance with Good Purse Seine Fishing Practices.

For further information on the Code of Good Purse Seine Fishing Practices: http://opagac.org/sostenibilidad/codigo-de-buenas-practicas