Calvo Group. Working for sustainability.Calvo Group. Working for sustainability.


Calvo considers the protection of the environment as an essential part of sustainable development and of its own business. Reducing the impacts that our activity can have on the environment and guaranteeing the sustainability of the fishing resource is essential for our organization.

Tuna sustainability policy

Tuna sustainability is a broad concept that refers to both fishing target species and the health of the marine ecosystem in which fishing operations are conducted. In the particular case of tuna fisheries, specific challenges are also faced due to the migratory nature of these species and the resulting difficulties entailed in managing them. The Calvo Group has worked to establish measures to make fishing more sustainable and is committed to applying best fishing practices, that are being audited by AZTI technology institute experts.

Tuna sustainability policies can be checked and downloaded here.

Grupo Calvo. Commitment to non-expansion of fleet capacityGrupo Calvo. Satellite monitoring of vessel position by authoritiesGrupo Calvo. Exhaustive health inspection of catches.Grupo Calvo. Crew member training in conservation and fishing practices.Grupo Calvo. Independent scientific observers above all of our vessels.Grupo Calvo. Total ban on practices entailing intentional harm to species including shark finning.Grupo Calvo. Total Prohibition of tuna discarding.Grupo Calvo. Ban on transfers in the open sea.Grupo Calvo. Ongoing fishing data recording.Grupo Calvo. Respect for crew members rights.Grupo Calvo. Incidental capture reduction system.Grupo Calvo. Use of non entangling fads.



AENOR certification of responsible tuna fishing

Grupo Calvo. AENOR Certification of sustainable tuna fishing.

In the first half of 2017, Grupo Calvo obtained “Responsible Tuna Fishing” certification from AENOR under its UNE 195006 standard for its entire fleet of tuna fishing vessels. This accreditation ensures that the company’s fleet carries out its fishing practices in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

The audit performed by AENOR verified that Grupo Calvo applies the highest standards for purse seine tuna fishing. This includes, among others, initiatives such as independent observers on board all company vessels; fleet tracking and monitoring via satellite; capture certification; and compliance with labour, health and safety conditions for workers as stipulated by the International Labour Organization (ILO) Convention concerning work in the fishing sector.

This certification is valid for five years and includes annual follow-up reviews.

Fishery improvement projects

Calvo Group. Fishery improvement projects

The Calvo Group, together with other companies operating in the sector, has been a participant under the coordination of OPAGAC (Organización de Productores Asociados de Grandes Atuneros Congeladores) in the implementation of a Fishery Improvement Plan (FIP) in conjunction with the WWF. This initiative will contribute to establishing management frameworks and the corresponding good fishing practices in order to uphold the sustainability standards prescribed by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and ensure sustainable exploitation of tropical tuna populations.

Additionally, we have launched another fishery improvement project (FIP) in the two most important fishing grounds for Brazil and our local Gomes de Costa brand. This project is innovative in bringing together scientists, local authorities, fishing industry trade unions and business to ensure the sustainability of these fishing grounds in Brazil.


Proactive Vessel Register

All Calvo Group vessels as well as those of our tuna suppliers comply with the Proactive Vessel Register, a list of tuna fishing (purse seine and longline) vessels that identify themselves as active participants in best fishing practices. Random verification of these practices is conducted to ensure the veracity of the information companies report.

To access this register, click here this link.


Grupo Calvo. Miembro de la Interntional Pole&Line Foundation

In January 2016, the Calvo Group became Member No. 32 of the International Pole&Line Foundation (IPNLF), an organisation dedicated to developing, supporting and promoting pole-and-line tuna fishing as one of the methods that can ensure the sustainability of our fish stocks.

Belonging to this organisation fortifies our commitment to working to safeguard a sustainable tuna supply and to upholding responsible, transparent fishing practices.

sustainable seas

Although it is not a widely known fact, tuna is a migratory species. Over the course of their lifetime, tuna fish traverse international waters and territorial waters of numerous countries. It can therefore be said that the tuna fish is a common commodity and a shared resource. This video will help you to discover more about the sustainability of this species in our seas and oceans.

The Calvo Group, a component of Foretica’s cluster on climate change

In January 2017 the Calvo Group joined the Forética Cluster on Climate Change. Through this platform, a group of major companies will work together to spearhead strategic positioning of climate change in managing organizations, engage in dialogue and exchange opinions and good practices, be part of the global debate  and play a key role in governmental decision-making.


The Calvo Group holds the following environmental certifications:

Grupo Calvo Certifications

(*) Not all company factories are certified to all of the standards.