Environmental protection is an essential part of the sustainable development of the planet and our own business. Therefore, reducing the impacts that our activity may have on the environment is of the utmost importance for Grupo Calvo.

Our Commitments


Water consumption per ton produced

We are committed to reducing water consumption by 10% for every ton of product manufactured in our plants.

Progress 0%

Energy consumption and emissions per ton

We are committed to reducing energy consumption and emissions per ton of finished product by 10%.

Progress 0%

Electricity consumed from renewable sources

At least 50% of the electricity we use in our production processes and in our offices will come from renewable energy sources.

Progress 100%

Waste to landfill

Our commitment is for all non-hazardous waste from our factories and offices to be valorized (recycled, reused or energy valorized) so that it does not end up in landfills.

Furthermore, we will work to reduce the amount of waste generated in both our plants and offices, where we will eliminate single-use plastics.

Progress 75%

Recyclable products

At least 95% of the products we put on the market will be recyclable.

Progress 100%

of materials from recycled sources or certified as sustainable

Eighty-five percent (85%) of the materials we use to make our products will be either recycled materials or certified as sustainable.

Progress 94%


Efficient waste management is a fundamental part of our commitment to the environment and to driving a circular economy.

In 2017, we launched the Calvo Zero Waste project, implementation of which was initiated in the factory and offices located in Spain. The project is being expanded to include the rest of the countries where we operate. Our goal is to ensure that no waste ends up in a landfill by 2025.

The factories in Brazil and El Salvador already have their own recovery plants, where organic waste from manufacturing canned sardines and tuna is converted into by-products such as fish meal and oil for use in the animal feed and cosmetic industries.

Work is also being done to reduce the amount of waste. In company offices in Spain, single-use plastic bottles have been replaced by reusable bottles, thereby eliminating the generation of more than 13,000 plastic bottles each year.

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