Grupo Calvo. Community Development.

Community Development

Calvo is committed to the development of the communities in which it operates through its factories and offices. The company therefore relies on hiring local suppliers and collaborators, whilst dedicating efforts to implementing initiatives that contribute to creating value, improving environmental conditions and helping disadvantaged people.

Luis Calvo Sanz Sports School

Luis Calvo Sanz Sports School at La Unión, El Salvador

Since 2010, Grupo Calvo has been carrying out a Social Prevention and Civic Coexistence Plan in the Department of La Unión in El Salvador. Implemented through the Luis Calvo Sanz Football School, the aim of the programme is to generate better social co-existence and community fellowship. The athletic competitions, workshops devoted to values and prevention-centred activities conducted by Grupo Calvo within the framework of this plan are geared towards children and teens at risk for being recruited to join gangs and their families.

Thanks to the collaboration agreement signed by the Grupo in conjunction with Glasswing International, a non-profit organisation, the company has incorporated new areas of endeavour to thereby become the Luis Calvo Sanz Sports School.

In addition to providing places to engage in sports activities, the new Sports School focuses its activity on promoting children’s rights and labour rights and providing industrial sector training and education in financial literacy to young people from the Salvadoran municipalities of La Unión and Conchagua in order to help them to pursue a professional career and develop a life plan.

The Luis Calvo Sanz Sports School also seeks to encourage the participation of members of the communities of these Salvadoran municipalities by recruiting and training volunteers, including both Grupo Calvo collaborators and volunteers from the community, so they may take an active part in providing education and training to the school’s children and teens. Around 350 girls, boys and adolescents benefit from this project each year.

Promoting healthy lifestyle

Grupo Calvo. Fomento de la Vida Saludable

In every location where Grupo Calvo has factories or offices activities are carried out in support of different sport disciplines. Specially relevant is Gomes da Costa Community Race. Each year for the past four years, Gomes da Costa has held this race in Itajaí. 1,700 people participated in the fourth edition held in 2016.

Additionally, Grupo Calvo, via Gomes da Costa, sponsored over 100 races throughout Brazil in 2015 and 2016. Besides providing support through a monetary contribution, the company has provided participants with access to specialists in nutrition to share information about healthy eating habits.

Local Business Network Development

In June 2016, the Calvo Group joined the ConnectAmericas programme led by the Inter-American Development Bank. This platforms brings major companies or multinational corporations in contact with local SMEs and self-employed persons from any region in Latin America with the capability to provide these entities with services they may need. The platform also provides training and consulting to providers in order to ensure their access to the market under competitive conditions.

Academic scholarships for the children of company employees in La Unión, El Salvador

Políticas de Desarrollo Local de Grupo Calvo en El Salvador.

In 2005, the Calvo Group launched an academic scholarship programme for the children of employees at the company’s factory in La Unión (El Salvador). More than 240 scholarships have been awarded since then, amounting to over 100,000 dollars. Although these scholarships are intended for employees’ children between the ages of 5 and 18, in 2016 grants were also awarded for pursuing university degrees for the first time, thereby lending continuity to the project.