Grupo-Calvo-Results 2019

Grupo Calvo turns over 593 million euros in 2019 and improves its EBITDA by 15%

Grupo Calvo’s sales rose 2% and the company recorded operating profit totaling 45.3 million euros. In total, the group marketed more than 101,000 tons of finished […]
Grupo Calvo conmemora el Día Mundial del Atún

Grupo Calvo commemorates World Tuna Day

Grupo Calvo has taken part in the commemoration of World Tuna Day. Promoted by the United Nations (UN), this initiative seeks to underscore the significance of tuna conservation and raise awareness about the importance of protecting marine resources, sustainable fishing practices and environmental stewardship.
Logotipo Grupo Calvo

Grupo Calvo increases turnover by 7.5%

Grupo Calvo increases turnover by 7.5% and achieves 10 consecutive years of sustained growth. The Group increased the volume of units sold by 1.7%, reaching a total of 103,000 tonnes of finished product.
Informe Anual Grupo Calvo 2017

Grupo Calvo presents its Annual Report for 2017

Grupo Calvo, in keeping with the commitment undertaken in 2016 to annual publication of a document that describes the company’s performance and main impacts associated with its activities, has presented its Annual Report 2017.
Premio Kaizen Institute a la Excelencia en Estrategias de Crecimiento para Grupo Calvo

Award for Excellence in Growth Strategies from the Kaizen Institute

This award recognizes the effort dedicated by the Spanish company to carrying out optimal deployment of its strategy in order to ensure company growth and include initiatives aimed at improving sales, innovation and profitability throughout the organization.

Grupo Calvo renews it fleet with a tuna fishing and freezing vessel set to be operational in 2020

Galician shipbuilder Construcciones Navales P. Freire will be in charge of building the new 1,500 m3-capacity vessel. This marks the beginning of the canning group’s progressive overhaul of its fleet aimed at maintaining raw material supply capability and improving operational efficiency. The new vessel will be APR (Responsible Tuna Fishing)-certified
Grupo Calvo y Consorcio renuevan su acuerdo de distribución en Italia hasta 2020

Calvo Group and Consorcio renew their distribution agreement in Italy until 2020

The two companies reinforce the commercial alliance initiated in 2014 for exclusive distribution of Consorcio products in the Italian market. The Calvo Group’s marketing capability as a producer and distributor of healthy food products in America and Europe makes the company a strategic partner of other companies in their expansion into new international markets.
José Luis Calvo, finalista del Premio Emprendedor del Año 2016 de EY

José Luis Calvo, finalist at the 2016 EY Awards

José Luis Calvo Pumpido, Honorary President of the Calvo Group, has been named a finalist in the 21st edition of EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2016. In attendance at the event held in Madrid at the Hotel Ritz was Pablo Casado, Vice-Secretary of Communications of the People’s Party.
Grupo Calvo, Premio a la Trayectoria de la Empresa Familiar 2016 de EY

Grupo Calvo, winner of EY’s 2016 Family Business Award of Excellence

The company was recognised for its successful track record in this 21st edition of the programme, the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 Awards. José Luis Calvo, son of the founder and Grupo Calvo’s current Honorary President, picked up the prize at the awards ceremony held yesterday in Madrid.