Calvo Group Fleet Monteraiola

Handover of the Monteraiola, Grupo Calvo’s new tuna fishing vessel

A new milestone in the progressive renewal of the company’s fleet consisting of seven tuna fishing vessels, two merchant ships, and three support vessels. Noteworthy among […]
Vuelca Facil de Grupo Calvo transforma el sector de las conservas

Grupo Calvo transforms the canning sector with its “Easy Flip” innovation

The food company turns the industry around with the launch of a new way to produce, package and consume tuna. Result of the company’s industrial transformation […]
Grupo Calvo. InnovaCcion Award 2020

Grupo Calvo recognized by Promarca with the InnovaCción Award in the Sustainability category

This award underscores the value of Grupo Calvo’s Responsible Engagement, an ambitious program with which the company has undertaken 17 sustainability goals to transform its business […]
Calvo Residuo Cero

‘Calvo Zero Waste’ project highlighted as an example of an impact factor corporate commitment by the Spanish Global Compact Network

The Spanish Network of the Global Compact, in conjunction with the Secretary of State for the Spanish Government’s 2030 Agenda, have completed a comprehensive consultation process […]
Multinationals for the Spain Brand CSR Awards

Multinationals for the Spain Brand recognizes Grupo Calvo’s trajectory of responsibility on its 80th anniversary

The Award for Best Track Record in CSR from Multinationals for the Spain Brand provides an incentive to continue working on the Grupo Calvo Responsible Engagement […]
Grupo Calvo supports sustainable Oceans

Grupo Calvo ramps up its Responsible Engagement by adopting the Sustainable Ocean Principles of the United Nations Global Compact

The company joins this industry-shared proposition aimed at addressing existing challenges and achieving a healthy, sustainable and productive ocean. By ratifying its commitment to the Global […]
Grupo-Calvo-Results 2019

Grupo Calvo turns over 593 million euros in 2019 and improves its EBITDA by 15%

Grupo Calvo’s sales rose 2% and the company recorded operating profit totaling 45.3 million euros. In total, the group marketed more than 101,000 tons of finished […]
Grupo Calvo. Plan for Equality between Men and Women

Calvo presents its Plan for Equality between Men and Women

The company has defined 7 commitments and 5 axes of action to establish policies that integrate equal treatment and opportunities between women and men. By 2025, […]
Grupo Calvo. Sustainable tuna from Canary Islands

Grupo Calvo and Atunlo collaborate to promote sustainable tuna fishery in the Canary Islands

The initiative aims to boost the evaluation process with respect to the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) standard for tuna fishery in the Canary archipelago. The event […]