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Awarded our Excellence in Growth Strategies from the Kaizen Institute

This award recognizes the effort dedicated by the company to carrying out optimal deployment of its strategy in order to ensure company growth and include initiatives aimed at improving  sales, innovation and profitability throughout the organization. Held at Madrid’s Palacio de Cibeles, where major companies from all sectors gathered together, this was the sixth edition of these awards.

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Commitment, innovation, quality, people

The Calvo Group is an organisation with an efficient vertical structure that enables the company to control the complete business process, from fishing by the fleet to processing and commercialisation.

Misión, visión y valores de Grupo Calvo
Mission, Vision, Values

Processing and commercialisation

The Calvo Group relies on integrated management of its entire value chain, including procurement and capture of raw material, commercialisation and processing in the company’s own factories. Along with our brands of renowned prestige, this feature makes the Calvo Group a company with a significant food value proposition.

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The story of a family

The Calvo Group story begins in the 1940s in the region of Bergantiños in Galicia. Since then, through continuous innovation aimed at improving processes and product quality, the company has seen constant growth, leading to its position as one of the top five international groups in the industry. Today, there are three generations of the Calvo family involved in managing the group, which has professionalised and adapted to address economic and market situations while maintaining the elements surrounding the company’s inception: enthusiasm in every undertaking, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and people as the driving force of the company.

Historia del Grupo Calvo
History of Grupo Calvo


Calvo Group. Calvo the brand.

With more than 75 years of history, Calvo is the leading brand in Spain’s canned fish segment.

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Calvo Group. Gomes da Costa.

Gomes da Costa has been the leading brand in Brazil for more than 60 years in the sardines sector, also in Argentina, and in tuna. In 2004 the brand joined Grupo Calvo portfolio.

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With more than 60 years, Nostromo is the third brand in the canned tuna sector in Italy. In 1993 the brand began to be part of Grupo Calvo. Here you can see more of Nostromo.

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